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GTA Vice City For Android Review – Best Game Ever?

This game is based on 1980’s. After long time Tommy Vercetti came back to his City called Liberty City his boss Sonny Forelli has sent him back they were very paranoid about this place so day thought trip to south can be a great idea. Everything was not going well when he arrived, He was left with no money in his condition Sonny wanted his money. But he had a lot of trouble in his way like corrupt politicians gangs. Many cities want tommy to die his only purpose is to give it back and take back its city.

Tommy vercetti is just out of jail after 15 years. Tommy is given his first task to work in cocaine but his first deal goes bad, So that he does not get a single penny. He doesn’t even know who betrayed him obviously Mob gets very angry on all this. But Tommy will have to come to the forefront before gangsters will arrive. Now Tommy needs to find out who betrayed him he have to drive taxi, Have to meet a group called Love Fist Have to live together with everyone and much more. 

This game has been very famous there are various type of vehicles in this game buy cars, buses, aeroplane, helicopter. You can even fly in vice City the graphics are influenced by 80’s it is difficult to handle bike we will love to drive in the town.

GTA Vice city review

GTA Vice city now is also available in Android phones. you will love to play this game in your phone because it’s very fun to play and graphics are very good. This game will provide you lots of fun and you can also use cheat codes in your phone. GTA vice city is a very nice game and you will love everything in this game. If we talk about GTA Vice City, it has some simple graphics and also have narrative structures. To play this game, you can easily download it’s APK & OBB file. This game features a massive world which is good in design and compiling bye story. This game also comes with good vehicles and varieties of gameplay which has good style. Due to this things GTA Vice City, great among the people. The game is still among one of the finest games that are present today. But after this one more game GTA Vice city improves little bit more.

The theme of game is very good. Its theme is better than the last game. It becomes good in some of the concepts that were found in GTA Vice City. Some minor issues are also solved in GTA Vice city. You also found various new things in this game which will be fun to play. The game is one of the most enjoyable game of all time. The Android version of this game is pretty much good and you will love to play it. The game is very fun to play and is is up to the mark to the all expectations that a player should be needed in a game. GTA vice city is a low size game if be compared to some other games like GTA V and GTA San Andreas. This is one of the best of this game that in such a low sizethe game is pretty much fun to play.

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