Best Time To Weigh Yourself? Boost Weight Loss By Checking The Scales At This Time

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A little about the context

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The month of taking vows and setting resolutions is here. Lots of plans are going to get scribbled on that notepad and those which should not land in the dustbin should be the ones related to your health. In the talks of health, comes the idea of weight. So, when it comes to what would be the best time to weigh yourself, a good analysis has to be done on several factors affecting it.

Also, the right bathroom scale has also to be chosen. This will help one to track their progress and meet all those goals that they hope to. The right choice of balance is another bullet point that has to be taken into consideration.

Talking about the best time

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Many weight-loss experts have studied a lot of in depth research papers and have performed a good analysis of data related to this. According to all those findings, it has been proved that the best and the most suitable time to weigh yourself is early morning.

Also, rather than doing this just one day a week, one should do it more than once. This will help one to better understand the varying graph. Apart from that, one will be able to understand the ways in which situations and conditions will be affecting their weight and also the variations in the same.

Quoting the exact words of Holly Wyatt who is the associate director of the University of Colorado Anschtuz Health and Wellness Center, “Make it a part of your morning ritual. You need to know that number on a consistent basis to help you manage your weight to make better decisions about your health.”

  • This statement has received a good support from the researches that were published in 2015. Those researches have been found to be containing a lot of evidences which backs up the statement.
  • The major benefit of weighing regularly is that it prevents any sort of pile up of weight that may happen due to less frequently measuring. Weighing often allows one to see the graph of gaining pounds.
  • This further facilitates control at the right time and right phase and measuring every day will pus people to make changes in their habits and behavior.
  • Daily variations are likely to get more attention to the reasons that may be responsible for any sort of increase.
  • Measuring in the morning is preferred due to a lot of reasons. The major one being an empty stomach. The scales can get slight errors due to a full stomach.
  • Some of the changes that one mainly tends to make as an everyday effort are eating less and exercising more. If the same changes are required to be made after there has been a pile-up, then those are going to be difficult.

About losing weight

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A Journal of Obesity study was published in May 2015 by researchers from Cornell University. They took into consideration 162 men and women who were overweight. The average age was 47 years. They found that those who weighed themselves on an everyday basis were able to maintain it quite well. In fact, they were able to keep it off. Participants who were able to lose weight in the first year were quickly able to keep it that way in the second year as well.

According to professor David Levitsky, Ph.D., who is the co-author of the study and a professor of nutrition and therapy at Cornell University, all one needs is a bathroom scale and a piece of design paper so that one is able to see patterns. This method forces one to be aware of the effects one’s diet is having on one’s weight. In some places, it was preached that one shouldn’t Weigh oneself daily. But, the actual thing is just the reverse.

Standing on that weighing scale every morning mainly works well in avoiding problems that happen due to weight gain and are age-related. It has been found that even a trivial 100 calories every day can add up by the end of the week. He also said that if one keeps in mind that small changes can be made every day in order to affect weight. These small changes comprise of reducing the size of the portion or skipping any snack.

Another study published a journal in April 2015. This journal belonged to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This followed 47 obese men and women, and all of them followed the same diet plan for six months. During this period, those who were able to weigh themselves every day lost weight significantly, which is about 13 pounds on average. This was more than those who considered themselves less often.

A look at the Right way of weighing

To get an accurate measure, these steps need to be followed. These will help to get a precise measurement. And, this, in turn, will help one to make smart decisions about what should be eaten and how much exercise to perform. In the previous tests that have been performed on digital scales, Taylor 7506 received top scores.

Some steps that need to be considered every day are:

  • The weighing scale has to be used every morning, which is the best time to weigh oneself. Minimum clothing should be there to get the most precise value.
  • The scale should not be tilted. Instead, it should be placed on a hard surface, which is uniform and has no carpeting work.
  • Also, one should expect a standstill with one’s weight distributed evenly on both feet. If one is using a body fat scale, one should be barefoot.

The difference

On finding out, we see that there is going to be a lot of difference between one’s weights if measured in the morning and that measured on the previous night. Significant weight loss requires a lot. It consists of something more than placing the shoe on the treadmill or a fork to the plate.

According to an analysis performed by the National Weight Control registry, almost seventy-five percent of the people have lost their weight and have done so my weighing themselves weekly. They have also managed to successfully keep it off. In addition to this, there is this Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A study published in the same states that people who lose weight lower their chances of gaining it back. They way themselves regularly. Keeping aside exercises, there are other ways of losing weight.

Weighing in the right way

When you step on a scale, this is to be done with all concentration. As per the specifications of science, there is a way that is the most accurate in order to weigh yourself. So, the first thing is scheduling one specific time of the day to consider yourself. One has to stick to that time despite any situation.

This is because our body weight varies throughout the entire day. It is challenging to get a rule that is very accurate in order to weigh. This difficulty increases when one needs to measure at a different time each day.

Famous personalities have spoken out:

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According to Holly Wyatt, who is a professor at the department of medicine in the Endocrinology and Metabolism division, and also the professor of Diabetes at the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus, weight loss will help you to make better decisions when comes to one’s health. The keyword that is to be taken into account while monitoring your weight is consistency. Weighing at the alike time every day also helps to know the losing, gaining, and maintaining the trend. The fluctuation of pressure over the course of the say is absolutely natural.

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