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Tips For Sewing Denim: Easier Than You Think!

Denim is a very popular material when it comes to stitching jeans as it is made up of cotton and blended with polyester. This helps to prevent shrinkage and to add stretch. This fabric is essential and comes in a variety of weights, washes, and colors. Denim can be used for a different variety of garments but is popularly used for jeans and jackets. Denim can sometimes be an obstacle when it comes to sewing.

But don’t worry because here are some tips to sew denim:

  • Preparation and care:

You should take care of Denim as it shrinks a lot after washing and it’s color also tends to bleed. Prewashing denim becomes very essential to make sure this does not happen. You can serge your denim and cut the edges to minimize raveling and wash it in warm water to avoid shrinking. You must then iron the material with steam on the cotton setting. This increases the durability of the material.

  • Layout and marking:

It is very important to take care of the layout of your denim as it may affect the final result and proper fit of the denim. Mark the holes and bases properly by measuring the size. Always pay attention to grain lines. You must ensure to mark the denim with the chalk pencil.

  • Make a muslin:

A muslin is a garment made for your practice before cutting out the actual garment. It helps if you don’t have any prior experience and allows you to make mistakes so that your original jeans are better. While making a muslin, cut the pattern a little more than the normal seam to take a test fit for the actual garment.

  • Adjust your sewing machine settings:

Denim is a thick and tough pattern to sew on and it is much harder than cotton so it becomes important to adjust the sewing machine settings properly. It is advisable to increase the stitch length a little while sewing denim. If the denim you are using is thicker than the usual, you can increase the stitch length a bit more. You can also test the material while making a muslin and thereby ensuring that you have adjusted the machine properly.

  • Use the right needle:

You can buy the jeans needles that are made especially for sewing jeans with mini sewing machines. It is important to use the proper needle while sewing the denim. You can even use the universal needle that works for most of the denim. Always ensure that the needle you use matches the thickness of the material. Denim size is usually 90 so one can buy an 80/12 or 70/11 needle.

  • Use a strong thread:

Always use a strong thread to ensure that the stitch does not wear out. Denim is a strong material and needs a strong thread to withstand. You can use the regular thread for lighter denim and the special denim thread for the thicker denim.

  • Use a bumper or the leveling foot:

The bumper is known as the scrap of denim that you must keep near the sewing machine. While sewing at the thicker areas, most of the sewing machine’s presser foot gets unbalanced and the bumper helps to stall it. This helps when you have to sew the two seams cross at the back yoke. You must fold the bumper and place it behind the presser foot to level the foot.


These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can follow to sew your denim. By taking proper care measures, you can have perfectly stitched denim at your first attempt.…

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