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Best Websites to help you Typing English

If you already have some basic typing skills, these free typing lessons will help you learn how to type if you are just beginning or if you are wanting to improve your speed and efficiency.

The pages listed below are based on each different age and circumstance. If you’re an adult learning how to type, a parent or teacher searching for tools for their children, or just looking to improve your typing skills, they’re essential.

All the typing websites have unique characteristics that make them amazing, but all of them will teach you how to type and give tips that will help you type faster and more consistently.

You can enjoy typing games to help improve your speed and efficiency after you have built up some ability with these free typing courses. Then you are prepared to use typing tests and WPM (words per minute) tests to evaluate yourself.

So without any more wastage of time, let’s get started!


Image result for typing com" offers free typing lessons to inexperienced, intermediate, and advanced typists to teach home row letters. It’s tailored all the way up for parents and middle school kids.

There is nothing to deter you from your typing during each typing lesson except a qwerty keyboard, which indicates where the characters are and which fingers you should use. You can see your pace, precision, how long it took you to finish, and the keys you’re having difficulty with when you’re finished.

Registration is not mandatory, but you can track your progress and win prizes with it. It’s free to register.

They have a website for teachers to monitor and track their pupils ‘ advancement as they finish the free typing classes.

Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online includes 17 standard courses, including studying all the letters on the keyboard and then checking the expertise by analyzing them. You can then pass on to the specialized classes, where you start to put together these letters to make words.

Any outcome you see on these typing lessons can also be shared through a unique URL to show off your results.

You will be able to keep track of your performance and set personalized targets if you enroll (which is free). You will also have exposure to tests and games for free typing.

Ratatype Com

Image result for rataype  com"

At Ratatype, there are more than a dozen free typing lessons, and before you begin them, you get many hints on how to work with your computer, and that’s something that most typing lessons are going through.

One notable thing about this website for the keyboarding tutorial is that if you perform too many errors during a session, you’re forced to start fresh. You will move forward with more typing lessons until you make a fair amount of grammatical mistakes or nothing at all.

You can see the error count and Words per minute when typing in a high school list and even competing with others.


A typing session with dynamic keys, BBC’s Dance Mat Typing utilizes quirky animal characters and creative challenges to make it fun for elementary-age children in their free typing lessons.

You are given four typing lesson tiers, each of which has three different stages. This really helps to divide the lessons into small useful bits, so it’s not so daunting to learn to type.

You don’t need to designate or enter your credentials so that you can get to their typing lessons quickly.

Typing Club

Image result for typing club"

Thousands of typing tutorials are available at TypingClub, where you will study alphabet keys, shift keys, digits, and symbols. There are also exercises concentrating on acceleration in particular. Whenever you want, you can switch to any tutorial.

You will be able to see your speed and efficiency as you go through your typing tutorials. Once you register for a free account, you will be able to keep track of your advancement as you go about all the courses, as well as your all-time highest Words per minute, and some other numbers.

Teachers can also use the free typing lessons of TypingClub to track the progress of their learners, modify the lessons, and even run multiple experiences.

TypingClub’s Premium version removes advertisements and provides story typing, games, attempts to replay, themes, and more stats on your typing.

Sense Lang

Along with 16 free typing tutorials, has a tool that allows you to practice with your own words.

Every lesson has an animated keyboard, which makes it easy to get a picture on how to type and what to do to make fewer errors. You can also display real-time typing statistics during the tutorials for your Words per minute, time, and precision.

Teachers can also use these free typing lessons to set up private classes, allocate lessons, and get notifications on their students ‘ progression.

Such free typing lessons are also available for external keyboards in several different languages.

GFC Global

Image result for gfc global"


  • It is goodwill that has partly funded this.
  • Animated videos are easy to understand and useful.
  • The site is easy to navigate and modernistic.


  • It does not have an option to fast-forward or rewind a video.
  • The design is not intuitive for young children.

GCFLearnFree offers free typing training to individuals with little to no typing skills. You have the choice to learn the keys or jump right to practice them for each lesson. Starting is a great program, but as they don’t give you an update on how quick or accurate you are typing after you get the necessary skills down, it is recommended switching to another program.

Sorting study

There are 15 free typing tutorials provided in several different languages and keyboard layouts, alongside some games and performance checks.

Every lesson is subdivided into categories so that if you feel confident in your abilities, you can easily see what will happen next or skip to another portion.

You will be able to see your faults, pace, and time spent on the lesson while typing.

Typing Lessons


  • Registration is not required.
  • Tutorials keep getting more difficult until a “final test.”


  • Saving and tracking progress is not possible.
  • It is only at the end that the speed and accuracy are shown.

At Peter’s Online Typing Course, there are many free typing tutorials that will lead you all the way to understanding the home row using numbers and math keys.

In addition to free typing lessons, there is plenty of great information on ergonomics, successful reading, and exercises to help train your fingers for better typing.

Sadly, during the classes, you can not see your speed and accuracy or save your improvement. When a lesson is over, you’re asked how long it took you to finish and how many mistakes you had.

Big Brown Bear


  • Instead of paragraphs, it displays a single moving sentence.
  • When you achieve your goals, you can head over to the next level.
  • It is not required to register.


  • Adobe Flash is required.
  • Typing games are not offered on this site
  • You need to press the correct key; otherwise, your progress halts.

Big Brown Bear provides 14 free typing tutorials that will take you through the keyboard learning experience.

The way the words come across the display is something unique about this specific website. Instead of viewing them as a paragraph as you would typically read, the words are in a single sentence and travel through the center of the screen, so you don’t have to shift your eyes for each word.

You need to rectify your errors with these lessons, though, before you can start typing, which may or may not be something you want.

You can see your speed, accuracy, and time during each lesson. In the keys you are supposed to type, you can also show a pair of animated hands or shade.

Free Typing Game


  • There are various games and lessons available.
  • Fun sound effects complement the games.
  • Includes an option to view or close the on-screen keyboard.
  • It can be a fun time for young children.


  • The site is not as modern as it should be for the current times.
  • If you use a high-resolution screen, the small text can be hard to read.

Here there are 30 free typing lessons tackling two letters at the same time on the keyboard. You can set a Word per minute target before the tutorial and choose if you want the keyboard displayed while you are practicing. You get to commence your lesson after a brief introduction to the new keys.

At the end of each typing lesson, the time left as well as the words per minute, is shown. Your overall statistics and an indication of whether or not you have achieved your target are at the end of the course.

The Verdict

All the given sites have unique and creative features. Each section can help in significant ways and can help you achieve your goal of being an efficient and fast English typer.…

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